How to write a self promo on tumblr

Tumblr 101 for Authors [Guest Post]

The more is the number of inbound links, the more is the popularity of your blog. The link from Tumblr can be brought back to your own blog post. What do all of these forms have in common.

However, you have to keep in mind that because this is such a stereotypical place, your character would be smart to choose another body part. The value of these relationships is obvious, from providing support and inspiration to introductions to key members of the art scene.

Writing a high quality blog is more essential rather than just writing for the intention to fill up the space. Since your username will be a part of your tumblr URL, choose wisely. There are a number of ways in for artists to promote their art through networking and building contacts.

The site is a social media powerhouse for sharing photos, videos, quotes and long form writing. Remember to also bring print materials like business cards and flyers to these events. I once literally had a teacher that eyed my scars after my sleeves rode up accidentally, but she simply turned a blind eye to it even though it was pretty obvious what they were.

If you are painting as part of a charity event or working en plein air in the local park and someone approaches you and inquires about your art, take that opportunity to give them your business card and perhaps even add them to your mailing list.

Follow Up Another important aspect of networking is following up with existing buyers. As for quotes and chat, these functions allow you to attribute quotes or share dialogue between two people or characters, the perfect teaser to the writing you may be working on.

More information here Some of the services that galleries offer emerging artists are: Both are fantastic ways to network and build content on your own blog. Like videos and quotes, you can provide some commentary on any link you post.

Spread the love among Tumblr, and Tumblr will spread the love right back.

6 Things You Can Do To Promote Your Art

If you have a personal blog, on the other hand, you could include such information as your interests and the kind of content you post, to help first-time visitors decide whether to follow you or not.

Additionally, inbound links also help in the search engine optimization of your website.

Tumblr 101 for Authors [Guest Post]

There are halvers creative ways of saying thank it. May 07,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

Tumblr is a must for any author looking to build a following of readers. It is a platform to promote your writing within a tight-knit community, as well as a place to dynamically tell the world about you and your books through videos, quotes, photos, reblogging, links and just some straightforward text too.

You have given a deep knowledge as how to write a self promotion.

How to Effectively Promote Your Business with Tumblr [Infographic]

I will act as directed and hope to win. Mahesh Seelvi – May 2, at am. Thanks Rebecca for the in-dept lessons that have given me a clear understanding of how to go about freelancing.

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Tricks to Promote your Blog on Tumblr


How to write a self promo on tumblr
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