How to write a catholic school mission statement

The Richard Montgomery cluster will work collaboratively to ensure all students succeed. All of these things and more happen during our SMCS summer offerings. Our co-curricular offerings are key in nurturing these gifts. Stella Arabie will begin her first year as principle of CHS in the fall of This will help them better understand what a vision statement is, which in turn will help them assist the faculty when they facilitate its work.

Within a welcoming, Christ-centered environment, students are made aware of their role as members of the Christian community through the teaching of Catholic doctrine, participation in liturgy and worship, preparation for the sacraments and involvement in service projects.

You can ask the following questions to generate some dialogue on the statements: Do they contain adjectives or goals that are more appropriate for a mission statement. Has everyone shared these things with one another.

For this reason, the bond of past alumni is exceptionally strong and important to Catholic High. The vision statement could also be used this way for each meeting of the school site council or school leadership team.

As Bamburg notes, "The schools that have been most successful in addressing and increasing the academic achievement of their students have benefited from a clarity of purpose that is grounded in a shared set of core values" p.

To take advantage of this unexpected free time, you and three friends decide to go on a fishing excursion to a lake known as one of the best largemouth bass habitats in the eastern United States. For you to get the most out of your vision, you must first remove the barriers from making it an integral, vibrant facet of the school community.

What is the need for a new vision. ICCS strives for the development of the whole child through participation in the sacramental life of the Catholic Church.

Mission and Vision Statements

How will my world change as a result. Do they clarify a direction for the school and for its improvement efforts. Ask yourself, Do I understand what this organization values, believes in, and hopes to be. Because they had little involvement in it, they see no real reason to dedicate themselves to it.

The collective force and talent of the faculty is more likely to be realized when there is a common understanding of a shared vision. All aspects of the school's organization, curricular, and cocurricular activities are child centered and designed to accommodate individual learning styles so that all may experience success.

Chapter Developing a Vision and a Mission

Eliminate Obstacles One of the first obstacles that will come up is people's fear of change. Present Data to the Vision Oversight Team Before you involve the entire school in working toward a vision, you should first share some data with the vision oversight team. Another potential obstacle to creating a powerful vision is the reality that vision statements are often created perfunctorily and lack follow-through.

Graduation or job attainment is the bare minimum of what most educators hope for their students. At Brentsville District we believe that all students can learn to their fullest potential. The Richard Montgomery cluster will work collaboratively to ensure all students succeed.

Even in the best of circumstances, Mizell suggests, mission statements are often one more good intention pushed to the background. Graduation or job attainment is the bare minimum of what most educators hope for their students.

Mission And Vision Statement Background Materials

Listening to and validating staff members' thoughts will help them cope with the change as they ask themselves the following questions: For our purposes here, we will refer to this collection of leaders as the vision oversight team. A dedicated and caring faculty will be the hallmark of its academic excellence.

It is evident from the moment you walk through the front doors, SMCMS is founded in and committed to our Catholic faith. By discussing the current statement, the sample statements, the bulleted questions, and pertinent articles that you might wish to share as well, the vision oversight team should be able to reach an understanding of what makes a strong vision statement.

Christ-centered values are a key factor in the daily functions of Catholic High. As a result, students and teachers are drawn to live the Gospel message, unite in worship, respond to the needs of the community with fellowship and social justice, and serve others through the sharing of their spiritual gifts and temporal goods for the betterment of all.

Zeal, derived from the motto of the Sisters of Mt. The statement is reviewed and revised periodically. The first step of a self-study is examining one’s mission statement and re-writing it to reflect the current community. This video “How to Write a Mission Statement that Doesn’t Suck” (I apologize fro the crassness of the title) is a great place to start.

St. Mary Catholic Schools

Mission Statement Material Definition of a Mission Statement From Mark Fischer's Website for Parish Councils How to write a Mission Statement From the Diocese of Brooklyn. SAMPLE MISSION STATEMENTS FOR CATHOLIC PARISHES Notice how some parishes combine mission, vision, and values.

The statements below were selected merely to illustrate a variety of approaches. St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church & School of Washington, DC.

The Catholic High School Mission Statement

The mission statement should encompass the values of the staff, the actions that the school will take, and the areas it will address (e.g., curriculum, assessments, data) to achieve its vision.

The mission statement should be longer than the vision statement because it is a. vision statement The vision of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School is to guide the mind, body, and spirit of the next generation of Catholic leaders to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ as beacons of light to the world.

Mission Statement & Beliefs Mission Inspired by Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton and rooted in our Catholic faith, Seton Catholic School fosters spiritual development, academic excellence, responsibility to self.

How to write a catholic school mission statement
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