How popes are elected essay

At the same time I remove the nullity or invalidity of the same simoniacal provision, in order that as was already established by my Predecessors the validity of the election of the Roman Pontiff may not for this reason be challenged. Peter Code of Canon Law, Francis wrote that this is: However, if the new Pope is not already a Bishop, he will immediately be ordained one by the Dean of the College of Cardinals.

The List of Popes

Traditionally, the pope lives in very comfortable apartments in the grand Apostolic Palace. Before beginning the voting process, three groups of three Cardinals are chosen by lot: At least fifteen days after the death of the Pope and not more than twenty, the Cardinals assemble at the Vatican.

One of them also collects the votes of those present who are not physically able to come up to the altar. If a new Pope has not been elected after three days, the voting is suspended for one day for prayer, discussion, and spiritual exhortation.

They are allowed no contact with the outside world - barring a medical emergency.

How Is a New Pope Chosen?

Upon being elected as Pope, rather than blessing the people in St. The Results When the Scrutineers have tabulated the results, and the Revisers have verified them, they are announced. While these regulations seem very exacting, we must not forget the role of the Holy Spirit.

Naturally, this could require the assistance of medical personnel. On the first day of the conclave, the Cardinals meet in the morning to celebrate the Holy Mass. Before the voting begins in the Sistine Chapel, the entire area is checked by security experts to ensure there are no hidden microphones or cameras.

Black means there is still work to be done. He also changed the age limit slightly, so that cardinals who turn 80 before a pope dies can not serve as electors.

Finally, on September 1,they chose a successor, Pope Gregory X. The cardinals are shut away in the Vatican until they reach agreement - the meaning of the word conclave indicating that they are literally locked up "with a key". A two-thirds majority of votes cast by the Cardinal electors is necessary for the election of the Pope.

Francis of Assisi as their namesake. Unless there are special reasons, the deceased Pope is to be buried between the fourth and sixth day after death. He has to address allegations of corruption in the Vatican and will find himself under pressure over the issues of gay marriagehomosexuality, abortion and contraception.

Pope Francis is just as humble in his choice of dress. Benedict launched two widely-criticized investigations into American nuns after accusing female religious orders in the United States of being sources of secularism and feminism.

Its unsealing and the disposition of its contents must wait the election of his successor. They discuss the needs and the challenges facing the Catholic Church globally.

Conclaves lasted months and even years. InPope Benedict passed a decree reverting back to the two-thirds majority, thus encouraging cardinals to reach consensus, rather than one bloc backing a candidate with more than half the votes and then holding out for 12 days to ensure his election.

After making his selection, preferably in writing that cannot identify him, he folds the ballot twice. If a new Pope has been elected, the papers are burned with chemicals it used to be wet straw to give white smoke. If a nominee obtains a two-thirds majority, a new Pope has been elected.

The cardinal bishops were to meet first and discuss the candidates before summoning the cardinal priests and cardinal deacons for the actual vote. Such living conditions motivated the Cardinals to choose a Pope in a timely matter.

Technically, the conclave ends when the new Pope assents to his election. For the conclave itself, the cardinal electors process to the Sistine Chapel and take an oath of absolute secrecy before sealing the doors.

For years, electing a pope has been the prerogative of the College of Cardinals meeting in conclave. The new Pope is vested in the garments pertaining to his office e. Once one candidate has attained the required majority, he is then asked: Understated Lifestyle Pope Francis is known for his tendency towards simplicity and avoidance of extravagance, which is a turn from the way previous Popes have lived.

The new Pope then appears and imparts the apostolic blessing for the first time as the successor of St. In the past, they made arrangements for the funeral and burial of the deceased pope.

Previously, a candidate had to secure a majority of two-thirds to be elected pope (two-thirds plus one vote if the number of cardinals does not divide by three).

A complete list of every single pope in the last years, in chronological order. Links to a biographical essay on each. Following the vesting of the Pope the senior Cardinal Deacon announces from the loggia of St.

Peter's Basilica to those gathered in the Square Habemus papam (we have a pope) and the name he has chosen. The newly elected Pope then comes out to address and bless the City and the World (Urbi et Orbi).

Essay on Proposal: Pope and Pope Paul Pope Paul III-An Influential Pope Pope Paul III was the th pope and he served from He was born Alessandro Farnese on February 29, If a new Pope has not been elected after three days, the voting is suspended for one day for prayer, discussion, and spiritual exhortation.

Thereupon, if a new Pope has not been elected after seven more ballots, there is another pause for prayer, discussion, and spiritual exhortation. This process may be repeated two more times. How is the Pope elected? The next Pope will be selected by the cardinals under the age of 80, who carry on voting until a candidate reaches a two-thirds majority.

Pope John Paul II changed the rules to allow his successor to be elected by half of those voting plus one, but Benedict opted to return to a two-thirds majority.

How popes are elected essay
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