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The aim of this report is to discuss causes and effects of acidification that has been concerned until now, and present possible short-term and long-term solution to acid deposition effects on water quality 1. When the mixture of nitrogen gas and oxygen is heated, they interrelate to form NOX.

The organic matter decomposition rate depends of physical factors, substrate quality and the type of microbial community. This type of soil is named as Rid, Keller and User at different places.

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Different kinds of crops are raised on desert soil wherever water supply is provided. Cotton, cereals and oil seeds, like linseed and safflower, many kinds of vegetables and citrus are some of the crops well suited to black soils.

This requires not simply the elimination of symptoms of damage i. Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides form suophuric and nitric acids on coming into contact with water. The Bhangar lands are level plains above the normal flood limit.

The answer is simple — anything that reduces the productivity and potential of a piece of land. For forest soils in particular, the principal characteristic is the development of an organic layer on the soil surface, usually referred as forest floor [3]. ICU Figure 2. Moreover, it is not practical for many lakes and rives, for some streams it is no help at all.

It is much suitable for agriculture when properly manured. The results shown that Gram-positive bacteria communities, especially actinomycetes, were more abundant under conifer forests than under oak coverage.

Nitrogen oxides are formed in all types of combustion, most of the NOX are formed by the reaction of nitrogen gas in the combustion air with oxygen. Lime and limestone are the most accepted of a range of chemicals that can be used to buffer acidic materials.

This soil often has a high soluble salt content and sand and very low humus content. Freshwater acidification had rapidly worsened over a few decades.

Major Soil Types of India: Alluvial Soils & Black Soils

A large part of the terrain tract at the foot the Himalayas is covered with forest soil. Those are divided into 8 main groups, such as: Liming has also been used as a means of restoring acidified soils. The initial victims of acidification are nutrient-deficient lakes in areas where the soil has a poor buffering ability Thunberg, It is therefore, called the black cotton soil or Regur.

Marshy soils with a high quantity of vegetable matter frequently occur in the coastal areas of Orissa, West Bengal and Tamilnadu and in some areas of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. A low pH value means a high level of acidification. The first victims of acidification are crayfish, snails and mussels, certain types of zoo- and phytoplankton, and some species of mayfly.

This makes them the most fertile soils of Ganges.

1554 words free sample essay on Soil

Climate and nature of the parent rock are the two most important factors that determine the types of soil found in India. Peaty soils have developed under humid conditions as a result of an accumulation of large amounts of organic matters. Liming is a interim measures that provide biological defence, however it does not attack the root caused of the problems.

Solutions Solutions to the problems of acidification fall into two groups, which are cure and prevention. When the anthropogenic effects of development adversely affect land especially in turns of quality of landit can be termed as land pollution.

Pine vegetation is associated with this soil also. ARIC In severely acidified lake, the fish will have vanished entirely, bog moss will have spread out over the lake floor, and only few plant and animal species will remain.

The alluvial soils occupy about 15 lakh sq.

Causes and Effects of Land Pollution

km of area stretching from the river Satluj in the west to the Brahmaputra valley in the east. They also occur in the valleys of Narmada and Tapi in Short essay on Alluvial Soils. These include causes, effects, and solutions for acid rain, global warming, and destruction of the ozone layer.

The author also provides extensive coverage of soilless agriculture, hydroponics, fish farming, vanishing biodiversity due to the destruction of jungles and the rain forest, and what to do about it. Forest ecosystems are important both ecologically and economically.

It is arguable that the most fundamental dynamic of the forest ecosystem is the forest soil. The acidity of forest soils can alter the chemistry, biota, and hydraulics of the soil, and thus, alter the soil formation characteristics. Essay on Forest conservation in India Forestry in India Forestry in India is a significant rural industry and a major environmental issue.

As acid rain falls on a forest it trickles through the leaves of the trees and runs down into the soil below. Some of it finds its way into streams and then on into rivers and lakes. Some types of. In addition, acid soils limit microbial activity, resulting in an accumulation of litter on the forest floor [2,32,33].

Despite P. massoniana forests being fire prone, little is known about the effects of wildfires on properties of their soils. A legacy of acid rain has acidified forest soils throughout the northeastern US, lowering the growth rate of trees.

Germany - controversially - still bombards forests with limestone to combat acid rain

In an attempt to mitigate this trend, in .

Forest soils on acid essay
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